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I'm giving blogging a whirl. Mostly it's for keeping notes but maybe I'll write something useful along the way.
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First Post

I imagine that blogs are sufficiently out of date now, given that I’ve come around to starting one. To ensure that I remain unaccused of lacking creativity, I’ve designed a theme that copies a now-historical Bell Labs memorandum cover. I hope that this is viewed as flattery and not thievery.

I’ve been doing some explorations with Go so I took a look at the Hugo static site generator project. It seems pretty reasonable so I’ve created my custom theme using that. The original memorandum cover comes from a Bell Labs document by Joe Condon, Brian Kernighan, and Ken Thompson in which they describe their reverse engineering of a Mergenthaler Linotron 202 Coincidentally, there also exists a paper about reconstructing the fonts from that memo. I have not done anything that exciting.