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Title-Building a Synthesizer: Overview Date-2019/1/9
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An overview of what we'll cover in the build a synthesizer series. All you need to know before hand is basic programming.
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Building a Synthesizer: Overview

Through this series of posts, we’re going to build a digital hardware synthesizer!. Along the way we’ll cover sound synthesis, microcontrollers, PCB design and manufacturing, code optimization, and audio effects.

This series assumes you have a few skills under your belt already. On the software side, you’ll need to have done some basic programming with a language like C or Java. If you have experience writing for-loops and using arrays, then you’re likely fine. On the hardware side, you’ll want a tiny bit of experiene using an Arduino or something similar. If you’ve never used one, get one and learn how to blink an LED. They’re relatively cheap and it shouldn’t take you more than a week.


  1. What is sound?
  2. Digital Sound: Sample rate and bit depth.